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Basic Nutrient for Everyone: Protein

12 Jul 2011

We all need protein. This basic nutrient is required to build mostly muscle and other body tissue such as fingernails, hair, skin and bone. Our body requires protein to survive and fight off invaders. Besides carbohydrate and fat, protein is also used to fuel humans body, particularly when carbohydrate and fat are used up. Our body contains mostly water but the second substance is protein, therefore protein is also a very essential substance for our body. The good news is there are abundant sources of protein we can find and buy these days.

Our body gets protein from foods; foods that contain protein are: meat, seafood, eggs, beans, peanut, tofu, nuts, and grains. Since this one substance is very essential to our body, it is very risky if we are not getting enough protein. But there are groups that in most cases suffer lack of protein; they are low-income individuals, older adults, vegetarians, and in several cases pregnant women.

But there are also other groups who may need more protein than others. To name one of them is Athletes, especially Athletes who are physically active. To get additional protein, besides foods, we can also get protein from Protein Supplements. There are various protein products in health-food stores, pharmacies and even supermarkets; protein bars, protein shakes are everywhere nowadays.

Protein supplements arent damaging as long as you have a healthy kidneys and liver. But to be on the safe side, always consult with your doctors if you decide to take a specific type of protein. We have many different types of protein these days, such as casein, egg, whey, and soy. It can be confusing trying to figure out whats best, but the good thing about living in this internet era is that we are not only able to shop online but also find important information, and thats including information about protein.