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How to choose a backpack?

22 Jul 2011

There are many names for backpack, some call it backpack rucksack, and others call it a knapsack but whatever the name you use, one thing for sure, a backpack is one of the most functional items we have in our possession. Yes, when it comes to item that most flexible, most use and own by someone, the answer is always a backpack. Who doesnt need a backpack? Almost everyone need a backpack, most of us have more than just one backpack. These things are easy to carry around wherever you go and very useful too, you can fit so much stuff into them. To serve this purpose, the best advice is to buy backpacks that made of some pretty strong material. With good quality backpack, you can carry a lot of stuff but you dont have to worry about ruin it.

Backpacks have been around for quite a long time and because of its popularity, manufacturers of backpacks continually produce new style that fit todays lifestyle (and fashion). To fit people needs, manufacturers have modified, enhanced and even personalized backpacks, therefore you are going to find many type, varieties of backpacks on todays market. Each of us has our own reason at the time we decide to buy a backpack; therefore manufacturers of backpacks have made available tons of choices for us in todays markets, all to serve our specific and unique needs.

But in General, you will find the following types of backpack: The very basic backpacks are use by students all over the globe. They use backpacks to carry books and other related items. Backpacks then evolve a little bit, students carry laptops, so they get backpacks with special design to carry additional items such as laptop and its accessories. You will also find backpacks for travelers and tourists; the size is bigger than the ordinary backpacks, and made of thicker material. The other type of backpack is backpack for heavy duty purpose, specifically designed to fit outdoor activity. Many top brands are out there, to name few of them are Electric backpack, Metal Mulisha, Element, Oakley, Dakine and OGIO.

Make sure that your backpack is proportional to your body size, so when carrying it around you feel comfortable. If you are a backpacker that dont want to waste your time checking in at the airport, then get a backpack with L x W x H that doesn’t add up to more than 45 inches (size requirements may vary depend on the airports regulations). Today, you can shop backpacks online. Its more convenience and most of the time you can get good quality backpacks with very affordable prices.