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30 Aug 2011

Upload images and videos are things we do everyday, with so many social networking sites available on these days together with todays online lifestyle, uploading video and image are unavoidable. So, how many pictures and videos you have uploaded this month? To make life easier, you can use image hosting service to upload your pictures and videos. You can share not only with your friends but the whole world, once you upload your pictures or videos, the whole community can view & comment, and they can rate your pictures and videos too.

Share the joy and happiness with the whole world. If you prefer to be more private, just arrange the privacy setting on who can view your pictures and videos. Using free images hosting to upload video and image has many benefits. Since creating copies of your photos is always a brilliant idea, therefore those copies of image and video at the web hosting site are your backup files. Next benefit is you can easily connect with friends and even the whole community if you join a web hosting.

Avoid having hundreds of pictures and videos stored in your computer, once it crash you lose everything, so it is recommended to store them at your image hosting website. There are so many websites that serve this type of service, start sharing your joy and happiness. Pick one site and sign up, you can search on the internet or simply visit 7pic.com. This site claims to be your easiest way to upload images. This is free software to upload video and image, just create your albums and share them with the world.