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Trade Show Events - How to Get Maximum Result

21 Sep 2011

The main reason why tread show becomes more and more popular on these days is because of its effectiveness as an excellent marketing tool to generate awareness of the services and products of a company in a short period of time. Sales and Marketing people do fully aware about this, entrepreneurs as well, they all have seen the value added this marketing tool has contributed in introducing services and products of a company. There are at least three major criteria they have to follow in order to get the maximum benefit from a trade show. These three criteria are Location, Display and Neighborhoods. The perfect match of these three criteria will definitely contribute a total benefit from every penny the company has spent for a trade show.

Always try to get good exhibit spots, this is the Location factor. If possible try to register as soon as possible, it wont be cheap but such investment is worth it. One example of good location is corner booths with two sides open, you can get this space if you register at the earliest or become a permanent member of a trade show. The next factor is Display. There are many ways to display a companys products and services. It is recommended to use something eye catching. It doesnt always have to be colorful; it could be from the design or the shape of your company booth. Display could be in many forms, a company can always has a logo canopy, combine with logo mats for their booth. Use nice trade show carpet or trade show flooring to attract visitors of the trade show. Print all the basic but always the most important information on your display. It is also vital to match your booth theme with the trade show theme, don’t choose an unrelated theme to display, visitors are most probably come to the trade show because of the specific theme of the trade show.

Neighborhoods are the third factor. If your products and services are foods related then choose next to the food outlets otherwise stay out of this location, people who come to food outlets are usually hungry and they dont interest in other products except foods. Other neighborhoods to avoid are near equipment areas and loading bays, these two locations will full of activities that visitors wont come near by. You are not recommended to choose a booth next to your competitor, the next thing is people just come around for comparing prices, if your competitor could sell cheaper, you know what your booth will end up. Despite all suggestions above, always use your business instinct too, sometime there is an x-factor that only you could see.